Smallbatch Wild Venison Bone Broth

Smallbatch Wild Venison Bone Broth

16 oz. bottle

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Smallbatch Venison bone broth is a uniquely crafted shelf-stable broth combining the highest quality humanely raised proteins with prebiotics for gut and immune health, and adaptogens to reduce cellular stress. Made stable with the organic lemon and apple cider vinegar, not typical high heat or irradiation processes. Perfect for supporting joint health and adding nutritious hydration. Top any meal or serve as a treat. For dogs and cats! 

• A shelf stable bone broth
• Certified organic & wild caught proteins
• Also has prebiotics, functional adaptogens, vegetables and herbs for superior health.

Ingredients: water, venison bones*, organic butternut squash, organic apple cider vinegar, organic astragalus, organic apple, organic lemon