Meet the Owner

After devoting much of her personal life to rescuing, fostering and caring for dogs & cats, Elisabeth Mayer finally decided to leave her career in the corporate world and pursue a line of work dedicated to serving her lifelong passion for animals. She opened Argos Pet Food & Supply store in October, 2011.

It wasn’t until more recently that Elisabeth began to recognize the importance of proper nutrition for her pets. She vividly recalls the first time her veterinarian referred to her pets as being “geriatric”. This was 11 years ago and her dogs were ages seven and eight. After coming to terms with the fact that both of her dogs were indeed getting older, she decided it was time to do some research on how best to increase their life expectancy and their quality of life. She found that experts in pet nutrition were all in overwhelming agreement on the following point: while there are numerous factors that can impact the overall health of our pets, proper nutrition is a critical component. Research shows that proper nutrition can increase the average life span of a dog up to two years. Appropriate nutrition plays an important role in a long, healthy, life for your dog or cat.

The more Elisabeth learned about the importance of food quality, and by contrast, the poor quality of so many other pet foods on the market, the more she became convinced that she wanted to educate the public about the importance of what they feed their pets.  Elisabeth makes a conscious choice to only stock products that she feels good about. She feels strongly about helping her customers make conscious choices as well.