Argos Dog Food- Formula Rotation

Argos Dog Food- Formula Rotation



This product is rotated with each delivery. When products are rotated, they may have higher or lower prices then the base price seen above. Select at least two rotation options below:


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Rotating Proteins

Do you want to change the protein source of your dog’s food periodically? Maybe go from chicken, to pork, to salmon and so on?

Experts recommend protein rotation for a variety of reasons. Some believe prolonged feeding of the same food for long periods of time can cause allergic reactions manifesting in a variety of symptoms including itchy skin, hot spots, upset stomach and more. Others believe it adds variety to their pup’s life and keeps them from getting bored with the same old food day after day. 

Caution: Some dogs have sensitive stomachs and rotating between a non-grain-free frormula and a grain-free formula MAY cause tummy trouble.  If you are choosing to rotate between a non-grain-free formula (ie. Argos Chicken & Brown Rice) and a grain-free formula ( Argos Grain-Free Chicken & Sweet Potato), you’ll want to follow the basic rules for changing any dog food by:

  1. Gradually mixing in some of the new food starting at about a 25% ratio
  2. Work your way up from there until you are at 100%. This is usually done over a 7 to 10 day period 

Instructions for Product Option Selection:

  1. Select only ONE product option to add to your cart. This is your base selection, which will appear in your account each time you log in*

  2. Select your delivery frequency

  3. Select the formulas that you would like to rotate with under "Rotating Options"

  4. Add your selections to your Cart**

*Your base selection will always appear in your cart. Upon delivery, we will manually rotate through your selected options, which will include your base option.

**Your invoice total WILL change based upon the formula that you are receiving in a given delivery. However, this will NOT be reflected in your cart on "My Home" page.

Please Note: The CORRECT amount being charged to your account will appear in both an emailed receipt and on a receipt attached to your delivery bag.

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