Jake's Canine Remedy

Jake's Canine Remedy

4 oz Bottle

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“The Miracle Spray." This unique, all-natural product, comprised of high-quality essential oils, effectively heals

  • itchy skin and paws
  • hot spots
  • dry skin
  • bald spots
  • fungus
  • ring worm

and many other stubborn skin problems. It also promotes hair growth.

Dubbed “the miracle spray” by a client, this remedy was born of the desire for an all-natural, noninvasive alternative treatment for our dog Jake, who frequently suffered from hot spots. It proved to be highly effective and has since successfully treated many dogs with a range of skin problems, including bald spots, dermatitis, fungus, flea/tick bites, and small abrasions. Jake’s Remedy has made dogs and their owners happy by providing a gentle-but-effective alternative to harsher, invasive traditional treatments.

Water, Apricot Kernel Oil, Essential Oils, Dispersal (an all natural emulsifier containing vitamins C and E).