Is it Allergies or just Dry Skin?

This is the time of year when the weather can be very cold and dry. When the heater is running in the house day after day our skin, as well as our pet’s skin, can get dry and cracked. If it is happening to you then it is happening to them!

Here are some quick actions that we can take to help them be more comfortable AND keep their winter coat in tip-top shape!

Brush your dog or cat's coat on a regular basis. Use a soft brush on your pet's coat at least 3 times per week. This action of brushing promotes circulation, which is very good for the skin. By brushing them you will remove the dead skin cells and distribute the their natural oils.

Bathe your pet less often during the winter months. Giving your pet a bath can rob them of essential moisture. You can use waterless shampoos, grooming wipes or a deodorizing spritz. Only bathe when necessary!

Feed them a healthy diet! “You are what you eat!” This saying also is true for our pets. A common cause of a dull coat is poor nutrition and lower levels of protein and proper fatty acids. Make sure you are reading the pet food labels and be on the lookout for animal-by-products and corn as fillers. These items offer no nutritional value to your pet. We carry a variety of healthy pet food options and are happy to help!

Add supplements to your pet’s food. This is another way to help reduce dry skin. Essential fatty acids or (EFAs) like salmon, pollock and sardine oil are some of the best sources of EFAs for dogs and cats. EFAs help to reduce inflammation and nourish the skin and coat. It has also been shown to provide comfort to older pets with achy joints. A high quality product is the best option for your pet!

Always keep your pet hydrated! You may not know this; your pet burns more energy trying to stay warm when it is cold outside. So keep that water dish full! You can add wet canned food, raw or well-hydrated freeze dried food to your pets diet to increase their intake of moisture. Especially cats – they are notorious for not drinking the amount of water they should!

Help your pet be happy during this winter weather by following these 5 tips!  If your pet has persistent dry skin and is scratching excessively, see your veterinarian as cold dry weather isn’t the only reason for skin issues.

To stock up on what you need for your pet, shop online or stop by your neighborhood Argos store.  If you have questions, we’d love to help!  And remember, we offer home delivery!