Himalayan Chew with Peanut Butter, Large

Himalayan Chew with Peanut Butter, Large

$10.99/1 Large Chew

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• Smoked hard cheese chew with peanut butter for that added yumminess!
• Easily digestible cheese chews are gentle on your dog's stomach, for a chew you won't feel guilty about!
• This healthy chew doesn’t contain salt, making it a delicious alternative for pet parents watching their pup's sodium.
• Chews don't splinter the way many other chews on the market do, ensuring a safe and delicious treat.
• It doesn’t stain, so it's as safe for your furniture and carpets as it is your pup's tummy!
• This chew is even safe for sensitive human noses—an odorless chew won't disturb you and your family while your canine companion munches away.

Cheese (pasteurized processed skimmed milk, salt, lime juice), Peanut Butter Powder, Peanuts

CRUDE FAT (min): 2%
CRUDE FIBER (max): 2%
max MOISTURE (max): 14.0%

Caloric Content: 259 kcal/can