Peanut Butter Beef Cheek Slice, Small

Peanut Butter Beef Cheek Slice, Small

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Beef Cheek Slices are satisfying and easily digestible natural chews. As the dog chews, the cheek slice comes apart in small pieces that the dog can safely eat, unlike rawhide which comes apart in large chunks that the dog can swallow whole and are difficult to digest. They are rich in collagen, additive free, chemical free, preservative free and made in an FDA-approved facility in the U.S.A. using grass-fed, free-range beef that is sourced from South America.

Beef Cheek

Crude Protein 81.2% min
Crude Fat 3.3% min
Crude Fiber 0.7% max
Moisture 12.8% max
Ash 1.9% max
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