Himalayan Trifecta Bone

Himalayan Trifecta Bone

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The Himalayan Trifecta Bone combines everything you need in a chew into one amazing treat! It has the meaty flavor of a bully stick, the healthy minerals of Himalayan Cheese Chew, and the durability of a smoked bone. The long-lasting chew will satisfy even the toughest of chewers for hours on end. The Himalayan Trifecta Bone supports oral health while satisfying your dog’s need to chew. This 100% natural chew is easily digestible and is a great alternative to rawhide. Handmade in USA; Washington State, with high quality ingredients. The Smoked Bully Bone is lactose, grain, gluten, corn, soy and wheat free.

Smoked beef bone, beef pizzle, cheese (skim milk, citrus juice, salt, enzymes)

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