Wondercide DETOX Ultra-Pure Bentonite Clay

Wondercide DETOX Ultra-Pure Bentonite Clay

$32.00/32 oz.

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DETOX calcium bentonite clay has strong negative ionic absorptive properties. When taken internally, it pulls harmful, positively charged particles from the bloodstream to support wellness. As the body is detoxified and stimulated, your pet's immune system is supported. 

It is a powerful detoxing agent for stimulation, transformation and transmission of energy that assists cellular revitalization. Mined from a pristine source, DETOX is a clay of unparalleled purity. 

  • Promotes Health & Wellness 
  • For occasional loose stool or gastric distress 
  • May help calm the stomach from occasional nausea 
  • Supports GI health 
  • Supports a normal inflammatory response 
  • Supports normal liver function

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