The Honest Kitchen’s NEW Single Serve Cups

The Honest Kitchen introduces 3 oz. single serve cups of dog food. Now you can trade up from heavy cans to lightweight cups of Honest Kitchen’s 100% human-grade dog food that is literally good enough to eat!

How do The Honest Kitchen’s single serve cups of dog food work? 

Simply mix one cup of food with warm water, stir it well and wait 3 minutes for the food to hydrate. Now it’s ready to serve! Each cup makes 12 ounces of food, which is approximately the same amount contained within a can of pet food. 

What’s in the cup?

Each cup contains 3 ounces of grain-free dehydrated food. Preserving food by dehydration is one of the oldest and most efficient methods of food processing. The  dehydration process gently removes the moisture from whole food ingredients, but still maintains all of the nice vitamins and minerals that you get by using real fruits, veggies and lean meats. The Honest Kitchen’s cups are all natural, made in the USA, 100% human grade, super healthy, minimally processed, contain no GMO ingredients & nothing from China.

Now available in chicken, turkey and beef recipes, The Honest Kitchen 3 ounce, single serve cups can be picked up at either Argos store location OR you can add them on to your next pet food delivery order.



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