Get Ready to Simplify Your Dog’s Feeding Regimen!

Who is ready to simplify their dog’s feedingregimen?

Look no further than brand new, veterinarian-approved, Happy Go Healthy, a 3-in-1 designed to help improve joint, skin & coat, and gut health with simple ingredients that deliver an abundance of wholesome benefits for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

You and your dog will absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tasty, easy to use product that delivers impressive results!

How does it work exactly? Happy Go Healthy helps reduce issues related to joint pain and stiffness, skin impurities and heavy shedding, and balance gut microflora and acid indigestion ALL IN ONE.

The ingredients in this product are well researched with many peer-reviewed articles backing them up. Using proprietary technology and formulation,the creators of Happy Go Healthy created a protected fish oil-infused kibble to provide dogs with high levels of EPA and DHA, known to improve skin and coat conditions. S seaweed-derived calcium was added, which has been shown through many peer-reviewed research studies to support reductions in inflammation from joints to gut to brain health, while also acting as a long-lasting antacid and supporting healthy bone growth. To top it off, a pre-biotic fiber was added to support healthy nutrient uptake and provide the gut with the fertilizer it needs to create healthy flora while eliminating unhealthy flora like e-coli and salmonella.

Happy Go Healthy can be added to your dog’s food at mealtime or be given as a treat.

Here’s a testimonial for one very pleased customer:  “I was thinking I needed to put my hunting dog down because he wouldn’t get up and greet me anymore and I couldn’t get him out of the house. After 5 days I’ve seen a remarkable turnaround and he’s like a new dog.” 

Happy Go Healthy is currently being sold ONLY at Argos, All-Natural Pet Food & Supply in Cincinnati, OH. Bag prices range from $19.99-$39.99.

At Argos, we are constantly striving to introduce the pet industry’s latest and greatest products to our customers, and this time we think that we have found a real winner that EVERY dog can benefit from.

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